Our calorie intake went to the roof while making gigantic environments made of Donuts, Cupcakes, and Lollipops. On top of that, we added some people, mini trucks, and sasquatch to the mix. But, ultimately, we are still processing how these in-show idents and bumpers for FXX’s show Cake came to life.
We don’t know what happened, but it looks delicious.

Mask Off Bumps

By Hook or By Crook Bumps

Finders Keepers Bumps

Out of Order Bumps

FX Networks
President, Creative, Strategy & Digital Marketing
Stephanie Gibbons
SVP, Motion & Digital Design
Steve Viola
VP, Motion & Digital Design
Amie Nguyen
VP Production, Motion & Digital Design
Dara Barton
Creative Director, Design
Michael Lane Parks
Senior Motion Designer
Ryan Hunnewell
Creative Director
Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer
Alex dos Santos
General Manager
Tais Marcelo
Head of Production
Meredith Cherniack
Ray Freedman
Storyboard Artist
Vince Wei Lee
3D Lead
Mauro Borba
Jon Lorenz
Marcel Ziul
Ricardo Perosa
CG Artists
Mauro Borba
Jon Lorenz
Tyler Heacox
Eduardo Lunkes
Lamek Felix
Daniel Moreno
Rodrigo Rodrigues
Octavio De Lellis
Aziz Dosmetov

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