Biography: Chris Rock

Today, comedian Kamau Bell needs little introduction. But once upon a time, in a dingy comedy club far-far away, Chris Rock took unknown comedian Kamau under his mythical comedy wings…and things were never the same again…

Design Exploration

Director / Creative Director
Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer
Alex dos Santos
General Manager
Tais Marcelo
Brandon Stevenson
Soluane Thomas
Animation Director
Luis Suarez (Lucho)
Janice Chang
Karen To
Additional Design
Arpine Alexanian
Lead Animator
Luis Suarez (Lucho)
2D Animators / Compositors
Luis Suarez
Andrew Schreiber
Manuel Neto
Danni Fisher-Shin
3D Artists
Luis Suarez (Lucho)
Cel Animators
Lyuben Dimitrov
Jason Carpenter
Danni Fisher-Shin
Oliver Wee
Manuel Neto
White Noise Lab

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