When it came to designing ‘Dave’ episodic packaging, let’s just say we tried hard to go as deep as possible but at some point we just had to pull back a bit. Lucky for us, our FX friends know that Dave (Lil Dicky) likes it a little rough. In the end, we all got lucky.

Design Exploration

Animation Dev

FX Networks
President, Creative, Strategy & Digital Marketing
Stephanie Gibbons
SVP, Motion & Digital Design
Steve Viola
VP, Motion & Digital Design
Albert Romero
Creative Director, Motion & Digital Design
Andre Carbonari
VP Production, Motion & Digital Design
Dara Barton
Director of Production, Design
Michael Perez
Executive Creative Director
Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer
Alex dos Santos
General Manager
Tais Marcelo
Associate Creative Director
Cecilia Fletcher
Head of Production
Meredith Cherniack
Krissy Estrada
Associate Producers
Soluane Thomas
Ricky Aguena
Production Coordinator
Ray Freedman
Hanna No
Janice Chang
Arpi Alexanian
Cecilia Fletcher
Cel Animators
André Dias
Olivia Blanc
Jason Carpenter
Song Kim
Oliver Wee
2D Animation / Compositors
Luis Suarez
Ricardo Perosa

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