Life Unfolds | An Origami Story

We tried to fold every single object in this project with our pals at WTBR and Google to portrait the brilliant mind of Nobuyuki Yamaga, a traditional Japanese origami artist. His unique approach to making beautiful origamis while dealing with blindness is a real inspiration to all of us.

Design Exploration

Director / Creative Director
Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer
Michelle Owens
General Manager
Tais Marcelo
Senior Producer
Krissy Estrada
Ray Freedman
Matt Krajewski
Art Director
Mau Borba
Storyboard Artist
Vince Wei Lee
Mauro Borba
Lamek Felix
Marcel Hitabarity
Tyler Heacox
Dimitri Paiva
Paul McMahon
2D Compositors
Marcel Ziul
Ricardo Perosa
Byron Segundo
3D Animators
Mauro Borba
Geoff Ciccarelli
Vitor Mancini
Corey Dimond
Production Company
Where The Buffalo Roam
WTBR Creative Directors
Tuesday McGowan
Nico Carbonaro
WTBR Creative Producer
Jon Campbell
WTBR Associate Producer
Eden Cooney

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