One Lucky Dog

Wellness starts the moment you get your pup and, with Banfield, it’s a partnership and a journey that will last a lifetime.

In this case, we’ll tell the story of Milo, starting at the beginning.
We follow each stage of Milo’s life—and the bond that develops between pup and owner.

Design Exploration

Executive Creative Director
Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer
Alex dos Santos
General Manager
Tais Marcelo
Lusia Share
Creative Directors
Marcel Ziul
Luis Suarez (Lucho)

Animation Director
Luis Suarez (Lucho)
Carmela Caldart
Mayumi Takahashi
Animators / Compositors
Ricardo Perosa
Luis Vilani
Vince Wei

Cel Animators
Oliver Wee
Andre Dias
Sijia Huang
Matt Everton
Danila Ribeiro
Rodrigo Estravini
Production Coordinator
Ray Freedman

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