Mel Robbins


  • 3D Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Cel Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Editorial
  • Mixed Media
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We Reinvented our Design and Animation life for this awesome assignment for Audible. We put out our paper skills and designed a spot we could do in CG with a paper-ly vibe. 

Our own wheels: Reinvented .

Visual Development


“We shifted our mindset from a shoot with talent in NY to a full CG spot in one day. We don't recommend, but it isn't impossible.”


Show Credits

Executive CD

  • Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer

  • Alex Gorodetzki

Creative Directors

  • Marcel Ziul
  • Lucho Suarez

Head of Production

  • Jennifer Adams


  •  Addie Stevenson


  • Grace LemMon


  • Bruno Medeires, 
  • Cadu Blanco
  • Mayumi Takahashi
  • Siwan Seok
  • Brayden Kowalczuk
  • Lucas Pereira
  • Kleber Viola

Cel Animation

  •  Andre Dias
  • Leo Guimares
  • Gui Gurian
  • Julio Prazeres 

2D Animation

  • Luis Vilani
  • Gustavo Torres

3D Animation

  • Jon Lorenz
  • Eduardo Lunkes
  • Jose Ponce  
  • Sam Surtandi


  • Luis Vilani
  • Gustavo Torres