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  • 3D Animation
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“EA Sports: It’s in the Game.” Know what else is in the game? STATE. Introducing our take on EA Sports’ famed Bootflow animations for FIFA, NHL, Madden, and NBA. Magical, candy-coated, and creamy. Enjoy.

Design Exploration

Show Credits

Director / Creative Director

  • Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer

  • Alex dos Santos

General Manager

  • Tais Marcelo


  • Brandon Stevenson
  • Fayna Sanchez


  • Jerico Santander
  • Marcel Ziul
  • Tyler Heacox
  • Arpine Alexanian

2D Animators / Compositors

  • Lucho Suarez
  • Sam Kim
  • Peter Lee

3D Modeler

  • Yas Koyama

2D Compositors

  • Marcel Ziul
  • Lucho Suarez
  • Sam Kim
  • Peter Lee

3D Artists

  • Tyler Heacox
  • John Robson
  • Natalie Eagen


  • EchoLab