Youth Idents


  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Cel Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Illustration
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What do you do when you’re given carte-blanche to do whatever the hell you want? We took the money and ran. Specifically to some seedy back-alleys in Bangkok. Such fun times…Oh wait–I mean, no that’s not how it went down. We spent it making some cool-as-hell idents for our compadres at ESPN International. And then we all won a shiny Gold Award. True story.

Youth Idents - Basketball

Youth Idents - Tennis

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Youth Idents - Soccer

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Youth Idents - Golf

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Youth Idents - Football

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Youth Idents - Action Sports

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Youth Idents - All Sports

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Show Credits

Creative Director

  • Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer

  • Alex dos Santos

General Manager

  • Tais Marcelo


  • Shane Sternstein


  • Natalia Baldochi

Storyboard Artist

  • Angelo Libutti


  • Juliana Mendonça
  • Jameson McLeod


  • Arpine Alexanian
  • Sebastian Onufszak
  • Gabriel Silveira
  • Audrey Lee
  • Peter Jay Lee

2D Animators / Compositors

  • Lucho Suarez
  • Marcel Ziul
  • Peter Jay Lee

Cel Animators

  • Oliver Wee
  • Lyuben Dimitrov

3D Lead

  • Mauro Borba

3D Animators

  • Geoff Ciccarelli
  • Richard DeForno


  • Combustion