No Brainer


  • 2D Animation
  • Cel Animation
  • Illustration
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Recurring co-branded campaign for the most slightly off network out there. Lots of blue hair and jelly bean noses.

No Brainer 2.0

No Brainer 3.0

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Show Credits

Creative Director

  • Marcel Ziul

Executive Producer

  • Alex dos Santos

General Manager

  • Tais Marcelo


  • Shane Sternstein


  • Greg Mullin
  • Natalia Baldochi

Art Director

  • Ariel Costa


  • Ariel Costa
  • Bruna Imai

Lead Animators

  • Diego Coutinho
  • Ariel Costa

2D Animators / Compositors

  • Diego Coutinho
  • Rafael Morinaga
  • Ariel Costa

Cel Animator

  • Lyuben Dimitrov