Rain and Shine

“Rain and Shine” is our kooky little experiment in rolling out runway-ready characters, scenarios so squeaky clean they need rubber gloves, and saving more than a squirrel with a nut obsession. Cheers, Betterment!

Character Exploration

Design Exploration

Executive Creative Director
Marcel Ziul
Executive Producer
Alex Gorodetzki
General Manager
Tais Marcelo
Head of Production
Jennifer Chavarria
Karla Sylvester
Associate Creative Director
Ricardo Villavicencio
Storyboard Artist
Alvaro Zamudiio
Character Designers
Mayumi Takahashi
Aarón Martinez
Lead Animator
Ricardo Perosa
2D Animators / Compositors
Cesar Barbosa
Gustavo Torres
3D Artists
Aarón Martinez
Paul McMahon
Lucas Pereira
Sam Surtandi
Mauro Borba
3D Animators
Geoff Ciccarelli
Ricard DeForno

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